Rosewood flowers-romance of new age

Flowers are an amazing source to express your insights. Especially, when it is about to show your feelings and love to someone special, nothing can beat them. Today, as the world has turned the leaf towards advancement and people are seeking through the different ways by which they can do variations, they even have started making their flowers. Isn’t that magical? Of course, it is. It’s all about making sola wood flowers. They are the most versatile yet amazing flowers that anyone can try. Above all, they have amazing characteristics that no other flower can offer. You can try to make flowers of any form ranging from wood lilies to rosewood flowers. Roses, being the most preferred flower globally are made mostly today out of sola wood flowers. They are high in demand as compared to other types of flowers. Now, the question that must have stroked your mind is how rosewood flowers are made, and is it possible for you to fetch them on your own. So the answer to this is yes you can avail them because they are hand-made and are obtained from tapioca wood tree while extracting out the gummy mass from its bark. Today, rosewood flowers are high in demand because most of the people have experienced benefits after buying sola wood flowers. Let’s move ahead and look at the modern tool to express your romance.

Rosewood flowers

Rosewood flowers are somewhat similar to what we call sola wood flowers. The next thing that you might be wondering is how to make sola wood flowers or simply the rosewood flowers. They are easy to make and handy to carry. you only need specific skills to learn to make them. Commonly involved steps to make them are:

  • Make shavings of wood
  • Cut down shavings
  • Make the petals
  • Curl the central most
  • Stick each together in the outer direction
  • Set them aside
  • Wait for a few hours
  • Paint them using oil paint or spray paint
  • Add glitter and fragrance that you want

If you are making rosewood flowers, you can even set a natural rose as a model in front of you as motivation. In such a case, the tint you come up with must be relevant to the natural shades of rose.

Store them properly

It is also very important that you store rosewood flowers properly. Otherwise, your efforts will all be dumped as wastage. If you store them properly, they can last even for years. All you have to be a little concerned about how to store sola wood flowers. There are some hacks stated as under that will give you an idea about do’s and don’ts about these flowers

  • Store them in a dry place
  • Avoid excessive exposure to moisture
  • Avoid extreme exposure to heat
  • Spray few drops of water after two to three months
  • Do not soak them in preservative chemicals
  • Do not crumble them
  • Do not try to dispatch the petals once they are stacked


Sola wood flowers can be made very easily without getting hard efforts. As far as your question is concerned about how rosewood flowers are made, they are simple as you do with sola wood flowers. Just stay focused and you are ready to make them with the help of some tutorials.

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