The seven best Window dressing designs

When it comes to home décor, your windows deserve as much attention as you lavish on furniture, floors and walls. Providing privacy, daylight, and a showcase for your taste and style, these multi-faceted necessities work hard, so they deserve some attention, right?

Mix and match

Why choose between curtains and blinds when you can have both? Blinds are popular because they can be angled to provide both light and privacy, doing away with net curtains, but they can be pretty clinical. Having curtains to pull in the evening adds a cosy feel.

Stick-on panels

Great for skylights and bathrooms, these offer both privacy and light. With a selection of plain, patterned and coloured versions available, you will find plenty of choice.

Jazz up what you have

Grab a few stencils and glue-on decorations like ribbons, bows, and beads before getting busy adding some details to a previously plain curtain. You can personalise the design if you wish; this is a great idea for your children’s rooms.

Think luxury

Ditch the cotton and polyester standard offerings and opt instead for fabrics like suede, velvet, or silk. These convey elegance, imagination, indulgence and good taste, and they are perfect in understated rooms.

Raid the linen cupboard

When your budget doesn’t stretch to cover new curtains for all rooms or you just want to be thrifty or different, you can make your own window dressings from old sheets and tablecloths or even jazz up the bathroom window with a shower curtain.

Try honeycomb blinds

These pretty pleated blinds are energy-efficient and come in a range of colours. They are unusual enough to be quirky and individual without going over the top.

Rattan or bamboo

If blinds are the only logical choice but you dislike them, opt for something made from a more natural fabric. One of the best choices you can make is to go for the very green material bamboo. Not only is it lightweight it is very strong and hard wearing.

Nothing can disguise old frames, cracked panes, ageing designs and single glazing, but it’s easy to fix these issues by contacting local experts. For example, a Double Glazing in Cheltenham company can advise you on the options available for you to update your frames.

All too often, windows tend to be relegated to the realm of functional when it come to decor and design, which is unfortunate because they have a lot of scope. Unleash your creativity and imagination, and have fun!

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