Fixing the Shower in Your Bathroom

If you have a bathroom that has a shower stall only, you may find that you will need to replace it after many years of use. Shower stalls do not last as long as a bathtub would but the average lifetime for one is about twenty years. If you find that your shower stall is beginning to look worn out, you can either replace it or update it easily. Updating will save you a lot of money over replacing it and can be done as a weekend project.

Deciding on What Needs Repair

Sometimes, all a shower needs is new shower pans put in. This is the basic floor of the shower. You can find new pans at any hardware or big box retail store. They do come in a variety of standard sizes and you will need to measure your existing pan before you go to the store. Once you have found the size you need, removing the old pan will take time, since they are typically glued down, but is easily removed. Add glue to the underside of the new pan and put in place. It is a simple fix that takes no time. Other repairs such as the inside walls of the shower will take more time but can also be done easily. Many showers have panel walls that are glued in and can be removed by scraping them. New panel walls can be purchased and cut to size. When cutting you should take care not to crack the entire wall panel. They are made from hard plastic and crack easily. Ceramic tiles in a shower will take much more work on your part and there are many styles you can replace them with. Check your local store for what is available.

Leak Repairs May Need Additional Work

If your shower has had a leak for any amount of time, the water will end up going behind the walls if there are any cracks or under the pan and could cause a lot of additional damage. You may find that you need to replace the sheetrock underneath, and this may mean you need to hire a professional. If you are replacing sheetrock, you should make sure that the new pieces are made of waterproof materials. This will save your walls in the future if you get another leak. Flooring that is under the pan in the shower is typically made of pressed wood and this begins to fray and come apart when water is seeped into it. New sheets of plywood will need to be cut and fit into the existing space and a new pan installed over it. There is also sheets that can be installed over the new plywood that resist water, protecting the wood underneath.

Any bathroom or shower repairs you need to make should be evaluated by you to see if you have the means to complete them. If not, you should look on the internet for a plumber in your area who can do the work. They have the proper tools and education to complete it.

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