Types of Pavilions and Their Use

A Pavilion in Architecture has some meanings, but all relate to the set-up of the house. Therefore, a pavilion may be attached to a home or may be a separate house close to the main house. The pavilion is built mainly for luxury reasons. Mostly, in the ancient architecture, palaces and empires, for instance, the Red Fort, Forbidden City and the Mughal architecture are some of the examples of the old architectural structures that have the Pavilion. The pavilion was mainly used for bonding among the family members. Therefore, a pavilion plays a very important role in a family set-up.

The Free Standing Structures

Similar to a kiosk or a summer house or a small house that is erected on the rooftop of the main building. Most such styles of pavilions were used in ancient Italy and were used for some purposes. Some of them were used for preparing food and were referred to as banqueting house while others used for taking advantage of the view of the compound or the entire home was known as a gazebo.

The free-standing pavilion may be made of different sizes depending on the ability and purpose of the building itself. Royal families may build a bigger pavilion that is big enough to accommodate the entire family members. The pavilions may as well be in the sports complexes/stadiums. The Pavilions in the stadiums are used as changing rooms for the players and the refreshments as well. The stadium pavilion has a veranda that protects the spectators. Therefore, standalone pavilions are used in many occasions.

Freestanding pavilions may be backyard pavilions or placed at any point of the compound. The structure adds an attractive elegance to the house or the compound. The backyard pavilion gives them a good space for the family members or even the visitors to enjoy a cool breeze or the sun rays through the open air sides. Therefore, the pavilion placed at a reasonable distance from the main house in the backyard allows the family members and visitors to rush into the house in the shortest time possible quickly.

The outdoor pavilions are always the best choice and can be designed in a number sizes ranging from the big ones to small ones depending on the number of guests and the friends to host. Developing an appropriate outdoor pavilion also depends on the type of materials used. It may be made using wood or Vinyl with some designs depending on the taste and preference of the client. The different configurations may be selected depending on the depth of one’s pocket.

There are also some finishing that can be done on the roof of the pavilion which may range from tiles to iron sheets. An excellent and attractive lighting system may also be chosen to march with the type of flow as well as the ceiling fan.

Additionally, there are other types of pavilions that are placed near a swimming pool and are often referred to as the pool houses.

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