Everything you need to know about the types of Palapa Umbrella Thatch

To set or transform any humid or tropical place into a paradise the Palapa umbrella thatch is a beautiful and interesting choice. Their features like easy to install, long lasting and environment friendliness makes them more attractive. While on the other side you will have to take on and off care for the longer period of sustainability and excellent performance all the way its life. Here we are going to discuss the few types of thatch that are used most commonly and tips regarding their maintenance to increase their life for more time. Like everything in this world the Palapa umbrella also demands care for their longer life span or performance.

The Mexican Umbrella Thatch

The Mexican thatch are the most popular type of Palapa umbrellas because of its uniqueness, beauty and pulpy leaves of palm. This product is renewable infinitely as the leaves do not get any harm during the harvesting. Furthermore, the trees of palm do not need the fancy resources for their growth which makes their impressions low.

The Mexican thatch has the sustainability of 2-3 years which totally depends upon the intensity of the climate and your maintenance intervals. If you want to shorten the length of the umbrella you can trim it by using sharp blade or scissors.  For the fuller look it is recommended to go for double layering of covers.

The Tahitian Umbrella Thatch

Tahitian thatches are made up of manually dried in sunlight palm leaves which allows them to remain in shape, size and quality. They are secured with nylon thread for the making it more secure while using at a place with strong wind blowing. This type of umbrella thatch last longer for at least 10 years when your climate is not too intensive and you maintained it properly. The thatch safe treatment is recommended mostly for the sustainability of Tahitian Palapa umbrella thatch.


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