Roof Repair Costs

There are several considerations you should make when trying to estimate how much a roof repair will cost. This can be a costly undertaking so it is important to get a good estimate right away. Before you begin to talk with contractors or get bids, it is important that you have a good idea of the cost. This will enable you to negotiate effectively and keep the price down.

First, you must know or understand the type of roof that you have. Also, how much roofing material is needed to replace or repair it. You can then look at the price of raw materials for the type of roof you have to determine what contractors are charging. Keep in mind that they may be getting materials at a discount compared to the prices you see since they likely buy large quantities from their vendors for all of their roofing projects. Typically, the least expensive option will be asphalt shingles and it runs up from there with metal roofing often being the most expensive- many times over ten times the cost of asphalt.

Next, you need to look at the cost of roofing permits. This will provide you with an idea of the fixed costs for contractors in your area. This is particularly useful for areas where permits are dependent on the job and the size of the roof to be repaired. In these cases, you can easily determine the administrative cost of your job.

Third, consider the extent of the repairs. They will need to fix more than the area that was damaged for aesthetic reasons or other reasons. This should be taken into account and quantified in the two previous considerations. What are the purchasing quantities? There are some materials that can only be purchased in certain sizes. Contractors may need to purchase more material than they really need because this is the only way to obtain the material. This cost will be passed on to you, but if the contractor understands their buying situation, it may be possible to negotiate to keep any leftover materials for future projects or repairs.

Water damage is the fourth thing you should look out for. If it’s extensive, this can lead to huge costs. Consider how far you can reach it and what replacements might be needed. Finally, chimneys and skylights can be major barriers in roofing for obvious reasons. Because of the extra care and tools required, you can add a few hundred dollars to any work that is done around them.

Understanding your roof repair requirements will help you to understand the economics of contractors and negotiate for the best rates. It’s worth doing some research.

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