Ways to Turn Unused Space into the Rooms You Need

Unsurprisingly! Everyone prefers to live in spacious home. But, do you know even the seemingly tiny and packed spaces have lots of hidden dead space? Many a times, you may find your home getting smaller by the day.

Obviously, among the first things that come to mind is moving out to a bigger property. And that’s not a bad idea. However, you can save yourself the trouble by creatively taking advantage of unused or underutilized spaces.

Need some inspiration to turn those idle spaces to utility room? Read on for more details.

  • Rework the basement

Do you have an idle long-forgotten basement? Turns out you can change the fortunes of that long-forgotten space in something worthwhile. Depending on the specific room needs there are many creative ways to get utility out of a basement. You can turn it to anything from an indoor play area, gym, laundry room, or even as an extra storage space.

  • Look up to the attic

If you have an attic sitting up there all dusty and lonely, you can take advantage of it too. The good thing, here you are not increasing footprint of your home yet you’ll earn yourself unique space usable for different purposes. For instance, you can decide to sneak in an extra bedroom, home office, or even a closed space you can escape and relax.

  • Look under the staircase

The awkward-looking space under the staircase is another common unused area you can exploit to earn more room without spending significantly. Although it may require a little creativity to get something out of such space, it should be easy to put up something like a wall-mounted shoe rack, pet cradle, or even customize it for household storage needs.

  • Set up a baby play area

Kids need a lot of space to play and run around. Instead of giving them the freedom to run a riot all over the house, you can curve a designated play area. Whether it’s one corner of the leaving or bedroom, you can curve out a few square feet of idle open floor they can play without limitation. The same way, you can also fence off open space for your bub’s cradle or even a full-scale baby nursery.

  • Do a home library

You can also turn that unused area in a library or reading area. It would take you simple book shelves fitted along the wall and a table and boom! You have a comfortable setup to suck into books, magazines, and all sorts of literature. Of course, you don’t have to make it to the conventional standards of a home library but work out something out of the box to exploit the space available.


It takes a little thinking and organization to make use of every inch of space in a fulfilling way. Always look around for underused spaces and creatively make changes without spending more than necessary resources.

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