Useful Plumbing Blogs

Whether you have a general interest in plumbing or are about to embark on some DIY projects, having a source of information, tips and professional knowledge can be very useful. Here are some of the top UK plumbing blogs to subscribe to today:

  1. Maintain Drains

Plumbing and draining tips can be found in this blog from Maintain Drains of Poole, Dorset. The blog is a handy guide containing industry tips, tricks and knowledge. You’ll find about 3 new posts per month and have hudreds of Twitter followers.

  1. Plumbing Trade Magazine

Another useful blog to refer to is that by Plumbing Trade Magazine, where all things plumbing get discussed, including services, products and industry updates. It is sent to plumbing retailers and sizeable contractors, so you know you’re in safe hands.

  1. Harpers Heating & Plumbing Blog

One of the most highly recommended gas and plumbing companies in the North Essex and East Herts regions is Harpers. Here you’ll find lots of information from industry tricks and tips to new products and buying guides. They post about once a month since 2015 and have hundreds of followers on Twitter.

  1. Plumbmate

This is a family-run business in Ipswich with a wealth of experience in the plumbing industry. You’ll discover heaps of knowledge about heating and plumbing, along with competitions, promotions and industry updates. With over a thousand Twitter followers and hundreds on Facebook, there monthly blog is well-received by those in the plumbing world.

  1. MultiPlumb

Serving London and Kent, MultiPlumb certainly know their stuff. They upload videos and write blog articles regularly, showcasing their impressive project work from installing new bathrooms to drainage surveying. They have over 14,000 Facebook fans.

  1. CW Plumbing & Heating

This independent company in South London has many years of experience in the industry in boiler maintenance, servicing and repair. This is the place to go for tips on fixing problems, advice and ‘how to’ guides. They have a regular 3 posts per month and pride themselves in information to help in the event of an emergency. Most emergencies can’t wait though and for a quick rescue, contact Emergency plumbers Dublin.

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  1. Solutions Plumbing

Based out of Kingston-upon-Thames, this business is keen to impart its wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as the latest news from the plumbing industry. They post about once per month.

  1. Home Glow Plumbing and Heating

Another London based company, this blog is jam-packed with advice, hints and tips on all plumbing-related matters. There is around one new post each month and a small following, but check it out for the latest updates.


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