Many Different Uses For A Home Pressure Washer

This may come as little to no surprise but you can use a pressure washer for a wide range of jobs and tasks around the house. While most of us might be inclined to use one on the exterior of the house to give it a fresh clean appearance, there are many other additional purposes that would suit this type of equipment nicely.

So if you’ve been thinking of renting or purchasing a pressure washer to deal with one job, take it from Columbus’ power washing professionals when we tell you that you may just find multiple good reasons to have one around the house.

Pressure Washing Tips

First of all, you should never use a power washer inside the home, the garage, the barn, a shed, pretty much anywhere indoors. You could cause a lot of damage to the interior of whatever structure you’ve attempted to operate the unit. These are extremely powerful machines that emit many gallons of water in a very short period of time.

As you spray any surface, be sure you always aim the water on a downward angle, not upwards or directly at the surface. This is to reduce the impact of the water and help you avoid causing any damage due to excessive pressure.

Finally, always begin at the top of whatever you are spraying and move down slowly. This will help to prevent you from allowing dirty water to mess up any clean areas as it cascades and drips down to the ground.

A Multitude of Uses

There are plenty of things you can rely on a pressure washer to clean thoroughly. Here are just some of them:

Home Exterior

Easily the most popular use for a pressure washer and it’s not hard to see why. This method of cleaning the exterior of your home is easy and extremely effective at getting the job done. You can use a pressure washer to clean the outside of any house regardless of the materials used in its construction. Brick, wood, even vinyl siding could all use a good pressure cleaning from time to time, especially for those of you who are planning on painting the home.


We’re talking mainly about paved driveways which can get dirty from a variety of sources. Dirt, oil, anything you might find on your driveway can all be eradicated with a simple act of hydro-annihilation. If your washer stream is strong enough (and really, is there any question about that), you can even mow down those weeds that might be growing through the cracks in your asphalt.

Front Walk and Steps

When you have guests over and visitors approach the front of your home, the first thing they see is your front walk and the steps leading up to the front door. How do those components of your property look a the moment? Are they caked in dirt, dust, and grime? If so, it’s time to grab that pressure washer and clean them both. Best of all, it won’t take you more than a few minutes if you have the right nozzle attached.


This part of the home gets very popular once the temperatures go up and the sun goes down later. Patios can get extremely dirty depending on the region you live. Those homes that are closer to urban centers can find their patios caked in outside dust and soot from passing cars and smog particles in the air. Even those homes in the suburbs can have dirty patios.

The more people hang out there, the dirtier it can get especially if you have the barbecue grill out there. Ashes from spent charcoal and the occasional spilled drink can both have long-term consequences of the flooring of your patio. A perfectly aimed pressure washer can wipe away those impacts in the blink of an eye.

Barbecue Grill

Speaking of entertaining outdoors, whether it’s on your deck or somewhere in the yard, your barbecue grill can be a bear to clean. All of that grease caked on there from meal after meal, season after season. Sure, you can try to scrub the grills clean in the sink but what about the interior of the unit itself?

Whether you’re using a gas or electric grill, you can aim your pressure washer at it to get your grill looking as good as new. Just disconnect it from the propane tank or an electrical outlet before you get to work and be very careful about overpowering it with too strong a stream.

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