Keeping Your Business Property Fresh and Updated – The Important Maintenance Projects to Complete First!

Keeping your business property in tip top shape is essential when it comes to keeping your business both safe and inviting for all of its customers. Carrying out regular maintenance is the best way to keep up with these projects and minimize their overall impact on your bottom line.

Maintaining your property should always start where your customers receive their first impression of your business: the parking lot. Though this asphalt plane often appears to function fine as is, customers will quickly attribute negative impressions to your business if your parking lot is hazardous or visibly in disrepair.

With that in mind, here are three projects your business can plan for today that will help keep your parking lot in prime condition for tomorrow.

Project #1 – Address Sunken, Uneven or Broken Concrete

Perhaps the most visually obvious parking lot maintenance project, concrete damage can quickly become a major hassle if not remedied promptly. In fact, if it is allowed to progress, it may even make significant portions of your parking lot entirely unusable.

Replacing the affected concrete feels like knee-jerk solution, but you need not go to these expensive ends right off the back. Concrete leveling services (sometimes also known as “slabjacking”) can help fix what erosion and poor installation caused.

Concrete levelers use several different techniques to inject natural and synthetic materials beneath the affected concrete slabs in order to raise them back to level. This method is minimally invasive, generally quick, and pays dividends to prevent further damage.

Some urban and suburban areas are sparse when it comes to concrete leveling services. Business owners in the Denver area are in luck though! The skilled, competent team at Crete Jack are ready to take on your business’ concrete leveling job and complete it with precision and an affordable price tag. From their unique foam leveling technique to their “pay when it’s done” billing, you can be sure that Crete Jack will help bring your parking lot back into working order.

Project #2 – Asphalt Repair

Asphalt deterioration is unavoidable, simply put. Weather, season changes, and persistent automotive wear all can take a toll on your parking lot’s asphalt surface. As a result, cracks and potholes are likely to appear, leaving your parking lot looking worse for wear.

Keeping up with these asphalt damages is a must if you want to keep your parking lot intact past its 30-year life expectancy. In the short-term, this often means filling and leveling these obvious potholes and cracks at least once a year with a rubberized sealant. Experts recommend immediately filling cracks larger than 1/8 inch, though, as they are more likely to “spread” through migrating cracks.

When it’s time to commit to keeping your asphalt parking lot surface well-repaired, give 801 Asphalt a call. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, 801 Asphalt has the skills and tools needed to fix every bit of asphalt damage with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Project #3 – Sealcoating

Another crucial step in maintaining your business’ parking lot is regularly applying new sealcoating layers. Also known as pavement sealing, this process covers your asphalt with a protective layer that minimizes the impact of UV light, oil spills, and water damage.

If you’ve just resurfaced or built your parking lot, experts recommend resealing the asphalt within 3-6 months of competition. Beyond that, you will need to reseal the entire surface every 3-5 years (depending on your seasonal weather extremes).

If you can keep up with this resealing schedule, you’ll find that your parking lot will maintain its integrity and remain visually firm for well beyond its expected life span. In fact, customers appreciate the “new” appearance that the jet black sealant leaves behind, leading them to more positively view your business before even walking in the front door.

In addition to surface-level asphalt repairs, 801 Asphalt can also complete sealcoating jobs with precision and skill. 801 Asphalt can truly expand your parking lot’s working lot by applying a unique sealcoating that is built to enhance and protect this critical business space for the long-term.

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