How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean and Beautiful

Hardwood flooring has long been a popular flooring choice for people of all ages and backgrounds. In the 1970’s era, wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house was considered fashionable. Today, many homeowners are getting away from this form of floor covering, and many older homes have the original gorgeous hardwood floors beneath the carpeting. These older planks may look scratched and dull from not being properly cared for over the years. These homeowners can now hire a professional flooring expert to carefully resurface these valuable hardwood floor boards. To fix creaky floor spots, a flooring specialist can install more supportive below board features that can eliminate this issue.

There are many types of woods used in hardwood flooring. Common choices include oak, cedar, pine, cherry and others. The homeowner can have these floor boards stained for an original look, or they can leave the boards in their natural state. Professional flooring companies can also use various floor finishes to protect the wood from scratches, spills and other problem occurrences. These stains and finishes can lighten or darken the original wood into a color that suits each unique homeowner. Special finish options come in matte, glossy and other selections.

Authentic hardwood floors require special maintenance tasks to stay attractive and in the best condition. The fantastic hardwood floor maintenance tacoma wa homeowners overwhelmingly agree on involves hiring a flooring expert for a onetime resurfacing job or for regular seasonal hardwood floor duties. This is the best way to extend the life of your stunning wood floors. With the proper care, hardwood floors can last a lifetime and longer. Some homeowners like the looks of solid hardwood floors but dislike the required cleaning and upkeep tasks. Now, homeowners can find less expensive and easier-to-maintain faux flooring options made to look exactly like the real deal.

It is important to stay on-top-of hardwood cleaning requirements to protect the floors from items that get tracked in like dirt, water, scratchy debris, spills and other things. Homeowners should dust mop the floor surfaces regularly, and homeowners should follow the precise cleaning and/or polishing instructions given by the flooring service professional. To further protect those heavily trafficked areas, area or throw rugs can be used. Hallway runners are another good idea, and each outside doorway should be equipped with high-quality floor mats that can protect the valuable floors from water, melted snow, stones, dirt and more.

Many new and established homeowners are discovering the joy of hardwood floors once again. This type of flooring material can never really go out of style. Individuals that prefer a more conventional and modern interior design style can still take advantage of the beauty that hardwood floors bring by using current popular trends. Try nature-inspired hues, different texturing details, type of finish and other design secrets top interior design experts are currently promoting. Hardwood flooring offers many benefits, and homeowners can add to the value of their home just by installing this versatile flooring choice and caring for them correctly.

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