Help Homeowner’s Breathe Better with Encapsulated Crawl Spaces

If you do not know, it is a homebuyer’s nightmare that the house they buy will have or eventually have thousands of dollars in mold repairs. Whether you are a contractor that is building homes for anyone to buy or custom building a home for clients, encapsulating crawl spaces might be on a good addition to your list of basics to provide for future homeowners.

Temperature, humidity and dark areas such as crawl spaces over time, as you know, can lead to all levels of molds. Small cracks and holes can lead to spiders, mice, and other small critters entering the home and causing damage. The encapsulated crawl space has been proven to regulate temperature in the crawl spaces. This temperature regulation helps keep mold from forming. Encapsulating needs to be offered to homeowners to protect them.

It has been reported that the overall air quality of homes with encapsulated crawl spaces is actually better. A man stopped sneezing over a period after he encapsulated his crawl space for an unrelated issue to the sneezing. He would wake up in the morning with sneezing fits before encapsulating. After having his crawl spaces encapsulated, his sneezing stopped. He also reported his houses smelled better.

Selling homeowner’s on whether to put open or closed crawl spaces is really about helping them understand the truth. The open crawl space being vented may allow air flow, but the humidity in the air can easily lead to the mold and another build-up. The closed crawl space gives the homeowner more control over what goes on in the crawl space. Encapsulated crawl spaces can give homeowners peace of mind. That is worth the extra cost that a closed space will cost a homeowner in the beginning.

Yes, dry climate homeowner’s may say that they do have to worry about humidity, but problems can still in vented crawl spaces in any climate. Crawl space encapsulation issaquah wa is necessary as there is a lot of rain that falls in the upper northwest. East coast of the United States contractor’s might inform homeowners of the encapsulated crawl spaces with the humidity being so high in those areas.

As a contractor, builder, or even construction advisers convincing homeowners to encapsulate their crawl space cover’s your work. This way down the road, the homeowner cannot wonder or point fingers if mold grows in the house. There will be none when the crawl space is encapsulated with top quality materials.

When it comes to building a home, there are a lot of costs. Encapsulating crawl spaces may be an expense someone wants to pass on. If they know how much not doing it can cost them, they might change their mind. The other benefits of cleaner air, better electric bills, and fewer creatures finding their way into the house thanks to the insulation can help. Having peace of mind that mold is not growing inside someone’s house is a great reason to mention encapsulated crawl spaces to clients.

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