Green Alternative: Enzyme Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners, although commonly used, are highly discouraged items to use. The reason for this is the toxicity in them that harms the environment and the components of the drain system. They can get the job done but at the same time contribute to irreversible damage. The strong chemical content contained in them causes fumes that are destructive to the inside lining of the pipes. What is recommended instead is the use of enzyme drain cleaners. This is a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that can reduce many problems posed by the exposure of harsh chemicals.

An enzyme drain cleaner doesn’t include any content of chemicals but uses bacteria cultures along with concentrated enzymes to remove drain clogs. The bacteria in these cleaners respond to the presence of organic substances by ingesting them. Generally, these drain cleaners are designed to combat live organisms such as mildew and molds, but they also respond very well to organic content such as food particles. The enzymes or bacteria feed on organic materials including hair, algae, molds, oils, leftover foods, crumbs etc. these organisms digest these waste substances to reproduce and multiply good bacteria, which serve the same purpose of cleaning the drain clog by spreading throughout the septic system.

Enzymatic drain cleaners have their advantages, one of them being that they don’t soak into the soil and water in the form of harsh chemicals like most drain cleaners. They’re also effective in creating a smooth flow in the pipelines. Enzyme cleaners are ideal for maintenance and cleaning and can be used on a regular basis. It is important to understand, however, that enzyme drain cleaners may not respond as efficiently to huge clogs instantly, but for everyday operations, they’re safe and more suitable.

Enzyme drain cleaners come with a small disadvantage, which is that they’re not as easily available in the stores. Also, as they are organic they tend to have a shorter shelf life than chemical drain cleaners. Companies that deal in organic drain cleaners make sure you’re able to make the best use of them. They usually have ample information on “why our enzyme drain cleaner is environmentally competent”. It is always a good thing to read and explore their information so that you may gain a better idea.

If you’re someone with particular concerns about the lifespan of your drainage system, it is better to weigh out your options when it comes to drain cleaners. Cleaning the drain is a necessary part of the process to ensure the drain remands operational. Clogs are bound to happen when maintenance and cleaning are neglected. Using enzyme drain cleaners from the beginning ensures clogs don’t accumulate beyond the ability of drain cleaners to unclog. Using bacterial cultures to routinely dissolve dirt and oily traces helps reduce the chemical impact on nature by only releasing organic residue into the soil and preserve the pipelines.

With the growing trend of going green, more and more companies are focused on the idea of coming up with green alternatives. Using green drain cleaners is, therefore, a step in the right direction. You can sustain your home components while at the same time minimize damage to the environment. Enzyme drain cleaners are also safe products to use and reduce the health hazard at home, but you should still avoid direct eye contact with them.

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