5 Daily Habits To Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

Cleaning your home can be a pain. It feels like no sooner do you bust out the vacuum than your place ends up getting dirty again. Add into this the pressure of having to juggle a full-time job and family life, and it can start to feel like you’ll never have enough energy to time to properly clean your home. That’s where Midlothian maid services can help. No matter how overwhelmed you are, you can always find help when you need it. It doesn’t matter how filthy your home looks or feels. With the right maid service, you’ll be able to nip dirt and dust bites in the bud. In the meantime, here are a few handy tips to keep your home clean and manageable in between maid visits.

1. Tidy Up

Everyone feels stressed and incapable of performing basic tasks at the end of the workday. However, that’s no excuse for not doing your all to create a clean, tidy home environment each day. It doesn’t have to take up all your energy, and no one’s suggesting that you do a huge house-wide clean every day after you get back from work. Instead, try to integrate small tasks into your daily routine. For instance, you don’t have to take out the trash every day, but you could wipe off the rim of the trash can and other germ-ridden areas. It takes just a few seconds, and it will keep grime from building up on all your home surfaces through the week. Don’t take on too much or feel like you need to vacuum and sweep every day. Focus on small things, like keeping your shoes in a rack or keeping your home entryway clean by shaking out the welcome mat daily. Small things like this will actually go a long way toward keeping your home looking presentable daily.

2. Shoes Off

If you don’t already have a shoes-off policy when it comes to your carpets and sensitive flooring, you need to start right away. Shoes track in a tremendous amount of dirt and dangerous germs. Even if you can’t see it, it’s there, and it doesn’t take long for your floors to build up a gritty layer of dirt. You don’t have to do a deep clean each day to prevent this. All you have to do is enstate a shoes-free rule about certain areas of the home. You can have slippers ready for guests when they arrive if anyone feels weird about just wearing socks, and you can make it easier for guests and family members by having a shoe rack ready at the door. Once you get into the habit of it, you’ll find that it’s easy to stick to this rule.

3. Vacuum as You Go

Vacuuming is a pain, and most of us avoid it when we can. However, you can do a lot for the overall cleanliness of your home by investing in a smaller machine, such as a hand-held vacuum or small dustbuster, and using it to clean up as you go. Rather than having to lug out a huge, heavy vacuum cleaner every time you spot a clump of dust or dirt, you can simply remove your hand vac from its charger, suck up the debris, and go back to what you were doing. It doesn’t have to take on the weight of a full-house clean, and it will help you to clean up dirty areas as you see them to keep piles of grime and dust from building up daily.

4. Wipe Down the Kitchen

Your home kitchen is probably one of the busiest areas of your domicile. That’s why keeping it clean matters so much. It’s not only gross to let layers of food and filth build up on countertops and cabinet surfaces, it’s downright unhygienic. You can easily avoid your kitchen becoming filthy and disgusting by taking the time to clean up and wipe down after yourself with each meal. Having a clean, dry sponge on hand will make it easy, and you won’t have to face a countertop, sink, or stove surface that’s grimy and impossible to clean by the end of the week.

5. Keep Bathrooms Neat

Your bathrooms also see a lot of foot traffic. They’re also a hotspot for germs. You don’t have to do a deep clean every day or even every week. However, doing small things like spraying down and squeegee-ing your shower after each use will go a long way toward keeping your bathroom clean. You don’t need to use a ton of harsh disinfectants, either. Just spray your shower, let it sit for a moment, and gently wipe it down after you’re finished.


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