How To Make Your Own Effective Carpet Cleaning Solution

There are many different ways to clean your carpets and there are many different types of carpet to clean. The kind you have in your home might dictate how you go about the task., however, cleansers can get expensive when you buy them from the supermarket or hardware store.

You don’t need to be shelling out big bucks just to keep your carpets looking and smelling brand new. Omaha’s Metro Chem Dry has some helpful hints for making your own. There are many options for creating homemade cleaning solutions and as long as you have the right materials at home, you can mix together a non-toxic and effective alternative to those pricey store-bought options. Even if you don’t, these ingredients are still a better buy.

For Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

You may want to create a concoction suitable for those deep cleaning jobs that is suitable in those carpet cleaning machines you can rent to help you do the job. You start with one tablespoon of sodium per carbonate and about ¼ cup white vinegar. Mix them together into a paste.

Add some essential oils of your choosing, these are for giving your carpet a fresh new scent in the scent you prefer. Take these elements and combine with a heated gallon of water at a temperature that’s just shy of boiling. When you’re done, pour it into your machine and get to work.

For Cleaning Synthetics

Carpets with synthetic fibers have certain preferences for the types of cleansers they react to best. Here are a couple of options.

Detergent-based solutions are made of ¼ teaspoon of simple dish soap and a cup of lukewarm water.

Vinegar-based solutions use one cup of white vinegar added to two cups of water.

Solvent-based solutions call for something stronger like a non-acetone nail polish remover or oil solvent.

For Cleaning Natural Fibers

Natural fibers need tender loving care and the type of solution you choose should be carefully considered so as to protect them. Here are a few choices of homemade solutions for use on these types of carpet. In each case, you should place the solution in a mist bottle and spray gently but thoroughly.

Detergent-based solutions use one teaspoon of dish soap and one cup of lukewarm water.

Vinegar-based solutions for natural fibers use only ¼ cup of white vinegar with ¼ cup of lukewarm water.

Ammonia-based solutions call for one tablespoon of clear ammonia combined with a ½ cup of lukewarm water.

Solvent-based solutions are the same for natural-fiber carpets as they are for synthetics.

A word of caution: in every case, be careful using some of these ingredients as they should not be used by or near children and always keep infants and pets away from harsh chemicals like ammonia and household solvents. These can be injurious if not stored properly when not in use.

We hope you find these solutions useful and effective for the proper cleaning of your carpets, but in case they aren’t getting the job done, give Omaha’s Metro Chem Dry to eradicate those stubborn stains and odors you just can’t seem to remove on your own.


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