Clearing out ready for Christmas. Time for a space purge.

It’s that time of year when the leaves start to turn brown and the Autumn weather starts to make itself felt. The t-shirts are put away the jumpers come out and thoughts start to turn towards winter and Christmas. If, like me, you stare at the space that is your living room and despair then fear not for help is at hand. You’re probably thinking where am I going to put the tree? Where are the hanging decorations going to go and how can I avoid the drawing pins getting lost in the carpet only to be discovered sometime in early February by one family member when the thing happily embeds itself in a foot. There is one solution, plan it out first. Better still why not use it as a decluttering exercise. That’s why it might be an idea to give a Man and Van Slough way or beyond a call so that you can get the following out of your house and off to somewhere it will be made useful, like say the tip and wood chipper. In fact, why not visit contact a Man and Van Slough and in start thinking about booking them in now.

The first major problem that you have is the tree. As the largest item it has the biggest amount of space needed to be devoted to it. It will also take the most amount of time to get up and to get right. The tree is the centrepiece. A bold statement about how much you love Christmas and want to celebrate it. Get the tree wrong and people will think that you don’t care. So then, no pressure. This is why you need a plan. Measure out the bottom branches first so that you have a working idea of how much space you have to use. Once you’ve got that space see what is potentially in the way. Hopefully it will be a redundant unit of some kind like a chair that can go. Once you have it in its pride of place you can then begin the task of decorating it. This usually involves a trip to the garage or loft where you will probably spot several other bits that the Man with a Van could take. Let’s now focus on the hanging decorations.

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The ceiling needs to be planned just as the floor area. The main goal is to keep really low hanging ones away from high traffic areas otherwise you will soon have irate family members complaining as a plastic Rudolph hits them on head for the eighth time and its only December fourth.

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