Tips to Avoid Moving Company Scams    

Are you relocating to a new house or office? Have you considered seeking the services of a moving company? Hiring a mover is the best decision when transferring to a new home or office. However, there are reports that non-existent companies scam hundreds of potential clients. For starters, it may be challenging to differentiate a trustworthy company from scammers. Here are great tips to help you avoid extortion from unreliable moving company scammers.

Check on licensing 

Is the company accredited to offer moving services? Reliable options for removals Gloucester offers are certified and governed by relevant authorities. When searching online, you may come across companies with no accreditation, but still claiming to offer moving services. Be careful of such companies as they are likely to be scammers.

Avoid brokers 

Although you need help, avoid making use of brokers. Most of these online brokers are unlicensed. They aim to make cash by connecting clients to moving companies. However, this may end up being a scam as your contract with the broker is not legally binding.

Don’t hire on price alone

Price is one of the many factors that determine the right moving company. However, scammers use low rates to lure clients to hire them. If an online moving company charges unreasonably low prices, don’t rush to hire it. Before you hire any mover, compare the prices from other moving quotes.

Check on the physical address 

Most moving companies operate online. You can search, hire and pay for moving services online. However, these companies should let their clients know of their workplace by providing a physical address. If the company does not give its location and physical address, you may be dealing with a scammer.

Check reviews 

Some companies review different moving companies. These sites outline the best companies based on their services, prices and customer support. Similarly, there are sites that name and shame scammers. From these sites, you can be aware of websites operated by scammers.


Most moving companies like to hear what their clients have to say about their services. From these testimonials, a reputable company will know its strengths and weaknesses. A scammer, on the other hand, either lacks testimonials or displays fake testimonials. As a client, you need to read these testimonials to avoid scammers.

Ask questions 

Any reputable company is after winning a deal. It should, therefore, be ready to answer all kinds of queries from their potential clients. Beware when a company is not responding to your questions. The other trick used by scammers is to send automated responses.

Read the contract carefully

Each moving company has its terms and conditions. As a client, you need to read the policies in the agreement to avoid scams. Does the company ask for a deposit? What are its terms of contract termination? If the conditions are too pleasing, don’t hesitate to make a deposit.

Finally, it is recommendable that you make a physical visit to the company you choose. The tour not only avoids being scammed but also builds trust and confidence. If you are not sure about a company’s existence, don’t ignore your conscience.


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