Some Solutions To Common Outdoor Lighting Problems

Keeping your yard looking lovely isn’t too hard to do with the right landscaping. But what about when night falls and you want your outdoor area to still look as beautiful as it can be? There’s where outdoor lighting bradenton comes in handy. Whether you want your yard to light up brilliantly or want to take a more subtle approach, you need the right landscape lighting tips to achieve the look you’re going for. But where to find them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to turn your backyard into a beautiful fairy kingdom, here are some of the best ways to do it.

Hide the Source

You want your lovely garden to be illuminated at night. That doesn’t mean you need to resort to large, garish bulbs or clumsy string lights. Lighting is a subtle art, and if you can hide the source whenever possible, you’ll be able to create something that truly looks magical, rather than a backyard that looks like an in-production film set. If you enjoy the way large spotlights look, by all means, use them. However, if you’re going for a more subtle approach, using light sources that are embedded in the pathways, or solar light sources that can hide in bushes or be subtly placed around the garden. You’ll be able to achieve that glowing, lit-from-within look that some of the most beautiful outdoor areas have, and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of lights that need to be plugged in and plugged out at the end of the night.

Use Floodlights

You can get pretty creative when it comes to outdoor lighting as well. If you have a large tree or structure, you can embed camouflaged lights inside to create a spotlight effect. If you want to illuminate your entryway, you can also floor flights around your home that can be controlled from the inside. Instead of getting a bright, blunt ray of light shining in directly, visitors can be greeted by a more subtle, friendly style of lighting. These embedded lights don’t have to break the bank, either. You can find inexpensive solar options or fancier LED styles at your home department store that are ready to install. If you’re trying to create a more welcoming experience for visitors, this is a great first step.

Create a Guided Path

What’s better than a beautifully-lit walkway leading to a garden, or a pathway leading to your gate? This is one of the most magical effects you can create for visitors entering your lawn. It’s also one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to light your outdoor area. By installing sun-powered solar lights along a paver pathway, you can help guests find their way to your home in no time. If you live in a rainier climate and can’t always be sure of getting the amount of solar power needed, you can swap out these solar options for illuminated pavers or well lights. These will look beautiful and provide the perfect amount of subtle, muted light for anyone making their way toward your front door. Using illuminated pavers will also give your pathway a nice asymmetrical touch.

Illuminate Bodies of Water

If you have a pool, a fountain, or even a birdbath in your garden, why miss out on the beauty of it at night? After the lights go down, get creative with your outdoor lighting to make sure you always get to appreciate the details of your front lawn or garden. There are plenty of underwater lights you can find and install on a budget. You can also choose fancier options that rotate and give your pool or fountain an extra bit of lift with a light show. Getting options in a brass or gold finish can also create a lovely vintage look for your garden.

Get Creative

There’s nothing more discreet or lovely than a well light surrounded by mossy stones or wood fixtures. If you want to amp up the mood on your outdoor space, finding ways to include unexpected light sources is key to getting the look you want. Install a few randomly-placed well lights in dense areas and watch your space light up without getting overwhelmed or flooded with a blaring light source. Choose eco-friendly lights that take their time to achieve full brightness for an even moodier touch. You can enhance the beauty of rainy days or winter outings around the garden by placing light sources in places you’d least expect them, such as under benches, hidden in walls, or at the base of a large tree.

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