The Right Floors for Every Room in Your House

When it comes to your house, not all flooring is the same. For instance, you likely won’t put carpet in the bathroom or kitchen, but you may want it in the bedrooms. The type of flooring you put in each room depends upon what that room is used for. While this is going to be different for each family, here is a guide to get you started on what the right floors for your house might be.


The type of bedroom floors you pick usually comes down to your personal taste, but there are a few things you might want to consider before deciding. If you have young kids, carpet might be the way to go. Hardwood is easier to clean, but it is also more dangerous. Active little ones tend to fall a lot especially when learning to walk, so consider choosing a soft, plush carpet instead of hardwood. If you do prefer hardwood, you can always put a rug in there instead. For the master bedroom you may want to go with hardwood as it tends to look more elegant. Hardwood can get expensive, so look at laminate flooring as an alternative.


Many people overlook their garage when redoing their house, but if you park in the garage, the floor needs to be extremely durable. Most cement floors tend to wear down and look dingy over time. You can also paint over the floor, but a better option might be to choose the best garage floor epoxy instead. The type of floor you choose really depends on what you use your garage for. If you are planning to convert it to a home office or a spare room, carpet or hardwood might be best.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

These are the rooms where you should avoid putting in carpet. Water tends to splash on the floor, which can easily lead to mold growth if you don’t have the right type of flooring. Tile is the traditional choice, but you could go with laminate in these rooms if you’d prefer. The type of tile you choose just depends on your style. Your local home improvement store should have plenty of options for you or you can look online for different choices.

It is important to make a budget before you start looking for your new floors. Once you’ve decided what you want, speak to a few different contractors to find one that is right for you. Remember to choose what you like and what is best for your family. After all, you’ll be the ones living with it.

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