Which windows should I choose? The age old debate.

There will come a time in your life when you will have to consider window frames. Now if you’re in Ireland then it’s a lot easier as Dublin windows and doors company  http://www.keanewindows.ie/  will be able to help you.  The real problem that people seem to have is whether they should have traditional treated wood window frames or the longer lasting PVC. For some this choice isn’t an option because if you live in a listed building or your house convents say you can’t change the outside then you are going to have to stick with wood. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Wood can be just as good as PVC as we shall see.

There are a few ideas that are pretty groundless when it comes to wood over PVC. One of the biggest and best ways that you can save money off household bills is to get double or triple glazed windows. They greatly reduce the amount of heat that can escape from the house keeping the cold out and then when the sun shines they act as a barrier to stop the heat of the day getting in so you don’t have to have the fans and air conditioning going all the time. There is a line thought that states that you can’t have wood as a basis for double glazing but this is not true wood is just as good but you will need to treat them a bit more than PVC. You do have to give wood a bit more care but once it’s treated you really should not need to worry for a good few years. Wood is also a good insulator and it’s the glass itself which is the most important part. One other thing to say though is it doesn’t always follow that PVC will not stain. It will if you don’t look after it so regular cleaning and maintenance is required. None of the options mean you can just leave it.

It’s also not true to assume that PVC will improve the property’s value. It really is done to the perspective of the prospective buyer. They may feel that this is a good thing to have or others may find the wood aspect more aesthetically pleasing. The best thing here is to go with what you want. House prices will rise and fall as they see fit and your window units will not be the only thing that drives that.

Whatever you decide the option that you choose will be the right one for you and your home if you’re happy with it.

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