How Customized Doors Are Changing the Landscape of the Interior Decoration Industry

In today’s world, homeowners moving into their new homes might require alterations and interior decoration and they get to select from a variety of options and upgrades focusing on different parts of the house. But no other aspect of the job directly affects the feel of the room like doors do. In the world of interior decoration, many overlook the importance of interior doors. Companies have come up with smart and unique ideas to select, measure, deliver and install customized doors. They happen to use digital measurer for errorless calculation of dimensions and curate amazing doors for the perfect fit on the jambs. These smart companies are unlike the traditional contractors and home improvements shops. Apart from giving a new look to the room, the customized door comes at a very reasonable price.

The conventional process used to be unorganized, costly and took a lot of installation time which resulted in the homeowners refraining from the interior door replacements. But these smart companies that have come up recently, claims to solve the conventional problems which took 1-2 weeks starting from door purchasing to installation. The logistics and the technology of these smart companies ensure safe, proper and easy installation of the door in a matter of few hours, which is indeed an amazing feat. This saves a lot of time of the customer as well as the door company.

The whole process after purchase follows a series of steps which are as follows. The first step includes the use of a patented digital measuring scanner that scans the texture and the geometry of the wall and also the dimensions of the openings near the hinges. The accuracy of this unique device is 1/1000th of an inch whereas the traditional way has an accuracy of 1/14th which is very low. The data captured by the 3D scanner is sent to the company immediately. This is followed by the cutting of the door using high-end robotic arms for pure precision.

The doors are carefully kept in batches inside the facility thus ensuring their safety whereas the traditional method was sloppy and slow. The perfectly cut doors are ready for painting with industrial grade paint which is five times resistant to corrosion as compared to the uneven brush painting in the traditional guidelines. The doors are painted in accordance with the requirements of the customers. Before getting delivered to the customers, the door is smoothened with sand and inspected properly for any defects.

After successful delivery of the door, a dedicated team takes a few hours to properly fix the door. The installation team ensures careful removal of the existing door followed by the installation of the new door without any noise, debris or damage to the house. Unlike the traditional way of frame removal that might affect the aura of the room, the innovative companies check for proper fitment, and lockset installation before leaving. In order to inquire about prices and services, one should ping their local authorized dealer.

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