What is your roof made up of: Know your roof well

The roof of a house is one of the major features that is supposed to provide protection and warmth to the house’s inner part. There are many different types of roofs, but the general principle of their construction remains the same. So it is better to understand what your roof is made up of and how to take better care of it, and know what kind of problem it is facing. You will always have the roof repairer services like Spring Roofer near you, but knowing your roof yourself is still going to be helpful.

Spring Roofer can help you know your roof well.

There are several features included in the roofs, and here is a brief review of them.

  1. Shingles and metal sheets

This is the outermost part of your roof that is prone to most damage and is exposed to extreme weather conditions as well. Most of the houses have either the shingles made in asphalt or the long metal sheets covering the roof. Both are pretty good options for the roofing, and they last a reasonable length of time.

  1. Underlayment and Decking

This layer is used to block water entirely, and it is put right under the shingles. It is often made up of plywood or OSB, but it can be made in concrete and metal in some cases. There are usually no issues with this layer since it is safe and sandwiched between the two.

  1. Insulation and support layer

This is the support structure of your roof that acts like a bone or a skeleton for it. It is responsible for keeping your roof in place when there are heavy storms and hurricanes. This structure supports the roof rooted firmly on a point with the help of the joists.

These are the three major parts of a roof, and you have to make sure that you are doing a regular inspection of your roof to check that everything is working fine. If you see any signs of roof damage or leakage, you should immediately call the professionals to fix it for you. You can always give a call to a reliable roofing company like Spring Roofer and get the team of professionals on your door to inspect, fix, and sort your roof out.

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